Current exhibition

Traverser un nuage by Jeanne Faure and Stéphanie Henry

From August 23 2019 To October 23 2019

Artists Jeanne Faure and Stéphanie Henry a sensory and cultural escape to all of those who dare to immerse themselves in a billowy clouds and clear sky breaks in this ode to the sky.

The process

To create Traverser un nuage, the artists had to live it and observe it, so that it could foster a shared experience and discussions between people. The artists remodeled the space in order to allow visitors to look at things in a whole new light and build new ties.


An ode to the sky

This participatory work of art was created to pay tribute to the only scenery that can be observed by the gallery: the sky. A cloud has been placed in the heart of the gallery as a source of inspiration and escape.


Travelling through clouds

Cotton thread was woven to create the organic form that progressively shapes itself into billowy clouds with clear sky breaks. Visitors are invited to immerse themselves in a sensory and cultural experience that has never been seen before in a shopping centre.

Jeanne Faure and Stéphanie Henry


DPLG Architect and ADUQ Urban Designer


Working as an architect and urban designer since 2006, Jeanne Faure has a transversal approach to her urban designs and architecture projects, thanks to her education and experience in other countries (Chile, France and Belgium). She is a vanguard of urban spaces and considers them both public stages and agoras for citizens. She is guided by two main themes. On one hand, she believes in all things urban: from a city’s landscape to urban design to raising awareness among citizens about neighbourhood challenges. On the other hand, she is adamantly focused on the human aspect of urban design by not only raising awareness among citizens about neighbourhood challenges but also encouraging people to look at things in a whole new light and build new ties.



AAPQ-AAPC Landscape Architect and Designer


Stéphanie Henry has worked as a landscape architect and designer since 2005. She has developed a professional and transdisciplinary practice that melds art, design and landscapes. Developing the city by taking into account the unique vibe of each neighbourhood, defending open public spaces and designing the city around green spaces are what guide her landscaping projects. She has worked in France, Africa and Canada, and her references in urban design transcend different cultures. She also has an eclectic experience in many different types of project, including studying major landscapes, developing public spaces, and taking part in participatory workshops on urban development. She believes that encouraging citizens to play an integral role in urban development is extremely important.

Past exhibitions

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The gallery

Amalgame – Urban Art Gallery is a new exhibit space for visual arts. In collaboration with Centrale des artistes, it was created and developed for Centre Laval.

The art gallery is a first initiative of artistic transformation within commercial spaces. It allows Centre Laval to play a pivotal in developing new places to showcase artistic works for people in Laval. Thanks to pop-up exhibits and art as the main backdrop, the Urban Art Gallery will not only improve the customer experience but also allow visitors to discover talented artists in the visual, media and digital arts.

Centrale des artistes is the first non-profit organization that is entirely dedicated to promoting and helping up-and-coming artists in Laval. It offers services to support artists in creating, developing and carrying cultural projects. The organization has also developed tools to showcase talent and presents the works of talented artists to the general public.