Current exhibition

La Vallée by Lucas Saenger

From March 7 2019 To May 12 2019

Artist Lucas Saenger created a beautiful work in the middle of a space without walls or limitations. Discover the heart of La Vallée and let yourself be swept away from day until night.

The process

La Vallée is an evocative work that conjures an aura of poetic calm thanks to landscapes that seamlessly shift from nighttime to daytime. Let yourself be immersed in this sleek and pleasant world as you embark on a path to new horizons.

Lucas Saenger

After spending several years as a graphic designer, Lucas Saenger now works as an independent artist on a variety of projects—from logos to mural paintings to album covers.

“I carry out my work using different approaches. On the one hand, I design images that are very sleek and minimalist. On the other hand, I use my instinct to draw works that resemble comic book illustrations. Sometimes, these two worlds collide and intertwine. I have always been a Jack-of-all-trades; I never want to confine myself to one particular style. This allows me to experiment and not remain set in my ways. I love being versatile when faced with different creative projects.”

Lucas draws inspiration from a wide range of sources, whether it’s the Miyazaki’s world of Manga and nature artwork or The Weird’s illustrator collective, delves into the heart of each style to envision his very own creations. His sleek designs, the way he lightly treats his subjects with all of their neutral facies, and the distinct signs of his self-fulfillment quickly transport people into his playful world.

Past exhibitions

Ancestrale by Pauline Loctin

From April 26 2018
To August 26 2018

Silua by Farah Allegue

From October 18 2018
To January 13 2019

The gallery

Amalgame – Urban Art Gallery is a new exhibit space for visual arts. In collaboration with Centrale des artistes, it was created and developed for Centre Laval.

The art gallery is a first initiative of artistic transformation within commercial spaces. It allows Centre Laval to play a pivotal in developing new places to showcase artistic works for people in Laval. Thanks to pop-up exhibits and art as the main backdrop, the Urban Art Gallery will not only improve the customer experience but also allow visitors to discover talented artists in the visual, media and digital arts.

Centrale des artistes is the first non-profit organization that is entirely dedicated to promoting and helping up-and-coming artists in Laval. It offers services to support artists in creating, developing and carrying cultural projects. The organization has also developed tools to showcase talent and presents the works of talented artists to the general public.