Current exhibition

Brin de jasette by Isabelle Gagné

From June 12 2019 To August 15 2019

Artist Isabelle Gagné offers her unique view of the virtual realm of chatrooms, where a harmless conversation between keyboards can take an unexpected turn.

The process

Brin de jasette is a playful and colourful exhibit that showcases Internet culture and how easy it is to forget that online platforms can foster hostile environments.

Isabelle Gagné

Isabelle Gagné is a digital image artist-geologist. Her research focuses on Québec’s natural landscape as a marked territory. She documents her research based on real and virtual journeys, then reinterprets them with a digital approach in order to highlight certain aspects, including cultural identity, interaction between human beings and their natural environments, collective amnesia and loss of heritage.

She takes a unique approach to photography through digital work and alterations. Her research is multiplatform. She collects her raw material from photos taken with her smartphone, her hybrid camera and screenshots she makes from Tweets, Google Street View and Google Earth, or even random graphics found on the internet. She systematically alters these low-quality images. Using algorithms available on the web and image processing applications (Photoshop and other “open source” applications) she (re)composes and (re)defines the images. In addition to playing with the order, grain and texture of the pictures, she superimposes graphic writing or juxtaposes snippets of images from the web.

She documents and archives significant spaces according to her random or scheduled trips and virtual journeys. The work she does reveals these places with daring, digital angles She (photo)graphically reinterprets these landscapes—all while preserving their essence and beauty. In fact, her work is not intended to change Québec’s landscape, but to transform the perception that we have of it—from memory. Not only does she inscribe these places in the digital collective memory, but she also seeks to renew the perception that we have of them by creating new visual representations. She changes digital landscapes to better reveal them and give them continuity, transporting us to a happy and playful realm.

Past exhibitions

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The gallery

Amalgame – Urban Art Gallery is a new exhibit space for visual arts. In collaboration with Centrale des artistes, it was created and developed for Centre Laval.

The art gallery is a first initiative of artistic transformation within commercial spaces. It allows Centre Laval to play a pivotal in developing new places to showcase artistic works for people in Laval. Thanks to pop-up exhibits and art as the main backdrop, the Urban Art Gallery will not only improve the customer experience but also allow visitors to discover talented artists in the visual, media and digital arts.

Centrale des artistes is the first non-profit organization that is entirely dedicated to promoting and helping up-and-coming artists in Laval. It offers services to support artists in creating, developing and carrying cultural projects. The organization has also developed tools to showcase talent and presents the works of talented artists to the general public.